Punit Khandelwal is awarded ACHIEVER in the 40Under40 programme by AIWMI in January 2020

India Size Premium Study 2021

By incwert | 16th August 2021

Incwert Size Premium Study is a comprehensive study of past market data of the companies listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India from 1995 through December 2020 to analyse the returns that mid-cap, small-cap and micro-cap stocks have generated over the return as predicted by capital asset pricing model (CAPM).

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India Equity Risk Premium 2021

By incwert | 31st May 2021

The third edition of India Equity Risk Premium study. Based on the current market conditions, we recommend India ERP of 7.5% ( 7% and 8% being the upper and lower limit of the range, respectively) beginning April 2021

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The Cross-Section of Volatility in Returns of Enterprises from Micro to Large Cap

By incwert | 14th January 2021

Assessment of volatility in equity return of enterprises stratified by size

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Equity with Differential Rights – how does it deal with the test of inadequate consideration within the Income-tax (rule 11UA)

By incwert | 30th September 2020

With the idea of differential rights as to dividends, voting or otherwise picking-up in India pursuant to the introduction of section 43(a)(ii) of the Companies Act, 2013, can DVRs be a stratagem to emaciate the income tax (Rule 11UA) valuation?

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India Control Premium Study, 2020

By incwert | 30th August 2020

A study of control premium offered in takeovers in India based on public company transactions during 2002 to June 2020

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Purchase Price Allocation (“PPA”) study in the Banking and Insurance sector

By incwert | 30th July 2020

Aiming at readiness for the upcoming Ind AS implementation in the Banking and Insurance sector by drawing references from the US market

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India Equity Risk Premium 2020

By incwert | 26th June 2020

This is our second edition of Equity Risk Premium in India study. Based on the current market conditions, we recommend India ERP of 7.5% ( 7% and 8% being the upper and lower limit of the range, respectively) beginning April 2020.

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Insight into Holdco Discount

By incwert | 1st March 2020

Holdco Discount study could be of importance to the valuation professionals when dealing with the question on the quantum of discount to be applied for valuing the holding of a minority shareholder in an entity that is essentially an investment vehicle. The empirical evidence is based on market data which can be considered to be a reliable basis when addressing the holding in a private enterprise which is a conglomerate.

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Risk-free rate dilemma for valuation in a negative yield economy

By incwert | 1st February 2020

Are valuation principles antagonised by temporal dimensions of interfered risk-free rates in growth-deflated big economies? Read our article to understand how this blip could be adjusted using certain well accepted methods.

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Cyclical Beta Study-India

By incwert | 1st January 2020

Beta analysed across all major sectors in India in the past 20 years at quarterly intervals and mapped against business cycles to analyse mean reversion trends and suggested adjustments for computing Beta for business valuations

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