Incwert can assist you with both more traditional illiquid securities valuation and highly complex illiquid securities.

Portfolio valuations

Private Equity and Venture Capital firms often invest in illiquid, non-public assets, wherein a specialist is needed to analyze and report the valuation of these investments for financial, investor or lender reporting.

Our team is capable of delivering the following valuations:

  • Credit investments
    • Floating and fixed rate loans
    • Secured or unsecured mezzanine debt and convertible bonds
  • Equity investments
    • Convertible preferred, simple and complex equity structures
  • Derivatives
    • Options
    • Warrants
    • Credit default swaps (CDS)
  • Structured Products
    • Collateralized loan obligations (CLO)
    • Collateralized debt obligations (CDO)
    • Bespoke portfolios